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An Introduction

Hi everyone, I’ve been thinking about this over the last two weeks; I’m asking everyone to follow me, subscribe to the blog, and other social media options. (Hint, Hint: you’ll find links to my social media outlets below) I share stories about heading out to golf courses unknown, the trappings of playing alone, and asking you to re-define the midlife crisis. At the end of each blog I’m usually asking people to swing by where ever I’ll be in the US and come out for a round of golf with me. After two weeks of “deep” thinking while on my commute to and from work I realized I should step forward, put a face to the blog, and introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Bob Sickles

Most of you who have subscribed at this point know me already and some of you have known me for quiet some time. To that I say…see you all on the course soon! For the folks who have joined me on this journey for what every reason, and to the folks who will follow us in the future; first I want to thank you, and second I hope to see you all on the golf course as well.

My entire career in the video production industry has been ”behind the camera” working mostly as a video editor quietly and seamlessly editing together stories that feature “on camera talent”. I’ve always admired the way the on camera personalities switch “it” on and connect with the camera, which converts to a connection to the viewers. I have no desire to be in front of the camera and like most of you as soon as I see the camera lens turn to me I become incredibly self-consciences. Like when Ricky Bobby is interviewed for the first time:

I love video production from concept to completion, and I plan to do it for a long time. I’ll just be doing it behind the camera that’s all. In the early stages of this journey I discussed the idea of turning this adventure into a video series and everyone I spoke with agreed it was a good idea. I considered the series idea for a little while I even looked into producing a pilot. Turns out it is totally doable; this what I do, I can shoot and edit the first story.

This video industry is a tight network so I might even know some people that could maybe get me in front of some people who could almost get me in line to pitch the show to TV outlets like; The Golf Channel, Travel Channel, or maybe even History Channel.

I stop pursuing the series idea after a little while not because of logistics, but because if I create the pilot and the series was picked up that would mean I would be living the quest through someone else’s eyes and not mine. I want to be the one to experience this journey, discover the unknown, and share with you all. Who knows, maybe in the future a video crew can come along and capture us as we play, learn, and share these historic jewels that are the best courses no one's ever heard of.

For now my golf quest will continue to feature images of golf courses, practice and planning, and a few more shots of me. You will have to wait until at least next before I share some other image besides shadows of myself. Remember…behind the camera, not in front. I’ll try and change that next week.

See you on the course!


Twitter: @forestoies1

Instagram: @hitstride

Facebook: Bob Sickles

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